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“90% of all millionaires became so through Real Estate”


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Andrew Carnegie


We at MK properties work with those who are looking for more from their investment returns; those who know that investing in real estate builds long term wealth,  however, with work, family, and day-to-day life, do not have the time, or knowledge to invest and manage properties themselves.  We take the guess work out of investing in real estate and provide turn-key investment solutions for our partners, with returns that typically far exceed those of stocks and mutual funds. If you are interested in real estate investment, and look to partner with those that have a proven system and track record of delivering profitable growth, please take a look around, and get in touch to see if there is a fit for us to work together.

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Why real-estate?

We have yet to come across an investment vehicle stronger than real estate.  Find out how real estate differs from other investments and provides 6 different ways to build wealth that other investments don’t.[gap height=”1″][button link=”https://www.mkproperties.ca/?p=66″ target=”_self” color=”gray” size=”medium” align=”center”]Why Real Estate?[/button][/one_third]

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Save your time

Our approach in working with partners takes all the guess work out of real estate investment.  It is completely turn key, leaving all day-to-day management to us,  and enjoyment of your return on investment to you. [gap height=”1″][button link=”https://www.mkproperties.ca/?p=503″ target=”_self” color=”gray” size=”medium”]Save Your Time[/button][/one_third]

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Simple & Secure

Find out how simple it is to invest (in many cases, the funds are already available through the equity in your home). Also learn how secure real estate investment is compared to other investment vehicles.[gap height=”1″][button link=”https://www.mkproperties.ca/?p=518″ target=”_self” color=”gray” size=”medium”]Simple & Secure[/button][/one_third_last]

What Have Others said about working with us?

In life, its always easy to take a moment to complain about something that didn’t go your way.  It’s nice to sometimes take a moment to recognize when things work out perfectly and it wasn’t done on your own.  With some knowledge on the subject of real estate investing, we were referred to Martin Kuev.  We were told he knew the market, was knowledgeable, friendly and an all around great coach.  I always have reservations about people but in this case Martin lived up to his praise.  He reinforced what we already learned, gave us encouragement to be bold and act accordingly, and helped my wife and I take a different perspective to investing.  Only a few short weeks later, after Martin coached us and connected us to the right people, only one month later we already purchased our first property and are looking for more ways to invest!

Martin, thank you for taking the time with Natasha and I, I believe we would have eventually purchased a property, but not as quick, and not with the assurance that some one had our back to help make the best decision.  

–  Cleigh & Natasha

Martin is wonderful to partner with – we are grateful to work with a person of such integrity. He is patient with all our questions and is very knowledgeable given his own significant experience as an investor, realtor and previously as a successful corporate leader. We also appreciate how he shares ideas and information with us proactively.

– Lisa M and Rob C

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