Simple & Secure

"if I had a way of buying a couple hundred thousand single-family homes I would load up on them"

- Warren Buffet

Simple and Secure

At MK Properties our joint venture partnerships are hassle free and structured so that we do all the work. We find each property, negotiate the best price, facilitate all of the details in the purchase, and manage the maintenance and rental of the property, as well as all the accounting and record keeping.

Our goal is to provide a very healthy double digit return on investment for our partners,  while keeping them informed on the progress of their investments through our reporting.  In addition we provide the security and comfort level with where they are investing their money as well as the returns they expect to achieve.

Security of Your Investment

  • You will be on Title for the property
  • You as the investor has full control over your money. All funds are transferred and handled by Attorneys.
  • Our deals have lower Loan-to-Value ratios providing more security on your investment than Banks get with traditional Mortgages

A Better Way to Invest

  •  You are in complete control. You act as the bank, and get to choose how to make your money work for you.
  • You are on Title to the property and will get all proceeds prior to us
  • Your investment is protected by a mortgage against one property. Your money is never pooled
  • Each property will have a greater equity than what you invested
  • You can liquidate at any time
  • All Investment funds are sent to, and handled by Attorneys to insure your investments are secure.
  • MK Properties has always paid back its loans, and has never been late on any.  We do not get paid until our partners get paid.
  • In many cases, most of our partners already have substantial equity in their own homes. As such, with the ability to utilize their own home to purchase property, there is little to no out-of-pocket funds needed by our investors.

Agreement Documents:

  • A Copy of the Mortgage
  • Joint Venture Agreement
  • Investment Property Insurance
  • A recent Appraisal of the property

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Our approach in working with partners takes all the guess work out of real estate investment. It is completely turn key, leaving all day-to-day management to us, and enjoyment of your return on investment to you.